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The Water

By Cape Verde standards, water is quite plentiful in this region. The water is stored for the sugarcane fields and other agriculture in a so-called 'levade'. It's also used to fill up the swimming pond.

We draw drinking water from the public network. Here, as with the levade, the water comes from a 100% natural spring just five kilometres from Aldeia Manga. The water is neither disinfected nor otherwise treated on the way to us. For this reason we use a water filtration system based on microfilters and UV-C light (safe sterilisation without chemical additives). It not only ensures our guests safe and clean water, it's also 100% ecological.

Instead of buying bottled water, which is expensive (1 EUR / 1.5 litre) and adds to the waste disposal problem, we recommend bringing a hiking water bottle with you and filling it up whenever needed. We can promise this: you'll get natural, fine tasting water from us that slakes your thirst at any time and is cheap !

The Paúl Valley has a rich supply of water
Solar-powered, chemical-free water disinfection

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Das WasserThe Water