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Animals, Insects & Co.

We at Aldeia Manga are living in the middle of nature. A tremendous variety of plants grow here. There are also insects and spiders — the Paúl Valley alone is home to 160 species of spider.

Some of the animals also occasionally find their way into the bungalows and houses. This is an inescapable part of living amid unspoilt nature. But there's no need for fear: none of the ants, spiders or geckos are a threat to people. They're actually beneficial, since they eat flies and mosquitoes.

Since there are actually few mosquitoes here, and those primarily during the rainy season, we have consciously decided to forgo mosquito netting on the houses. Anyone who reacts strongly to mosquito bites should be sure to bring along natural insect protection cremes or oils for trips during the rainy period (August – October).

The one bug to be avoided is the large centipede — the 'bite' of the centipede is quite painful, similar to a bee sting. You're unlikely to encounter a centipede here though, and even if you do, just keep calm. These animal only attack in self-defence. They're much more likely to just run away if they encounter humans.

Our cat Fresco
Frogs near the pond

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Tiere, Insekten & CoAnimals, Insects & Co.