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Getting there

Once you've arrived with the ferry (here you can find ferry timetables) from Mindelo to Santo Antão, there are two options for getting to Aldeia Manga: either by private taxi or with the "Aluguer", a shared taxi. We're glad to arrange different private Taxi options for our guests.

* The trip with the Aluguer from Porto Novo to Paúl, Passagem and finally to Lombo Comprido (Long Hill) costs 400 Escudos (3.60 euros) per person. You will find our driver with the "ALDEIA MANGA"-sign on the harbour exit (see photo on the right).

* A private taxi — the drivers speak a bit of English — will cost either 40 euros (total price) along the newly paved coastal road or 60 euros (total price) along the old cobblestone panorama street to Aldeia Manga. By request the driver will stop to allow for holiday snapshots, to let you document your first impressions forever.

* Those looking to immerse themselves into the island life from day one can opt to cut the private taxi ride short. Disembark at Cova Crater instead and hike to us from there. The trekking path is relatively challenging and takes three to four hours to descend over 800 meters along a steep mountain path. The luggage will be delivered by taxi right to Aldeia Manga - you can walk without luggage ! Details and directions, including a sketch, will be sent to you via email. (Total cost is 60 euros including luggage transport to Aldeia Manga).

Aldeia Manga is in the centre of the Paúl Valley in a small village of just 50 inhabitants. The ride first heads through Passagem, a small park, and from there via a small unpaved road one kilometre to Lombo Comprido. There you'll find Aldeia Manga. But first there's a roughly 50 metre long and quite steep footpath from where the car drops you off up to our property.

Aluguer (Shared Taxi), "DU"
Localisation on Google Earth Satellite Image

Our coordinates for GPS:
17° 8'18.02"N / 25° 2'9.82"W

Photo from the start of the trekking from the Cova Cratera to Aldeia Manga (red arrow)

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