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The Houses

There are plenty of options for you at Aldeia Manga, from five adobe bungalows to two large stone houses with a kitchen. Because the houses are spread out around the property and all have their own outdoor seating areas, you'll have plenty of privacy.

All units are equipped with their own bathroom, wash basin and shower (warm water). There are clotheslines to dry your laundry.

The bungalows are built of clay originating from our property and processed into adobe bricks. The plaster both inside and out is a limesand mix, while the roof is composed of wood from the Ivory Coast and sugarcane straw from the region.

The all-natural materials ensure a pleasant and cool climate inside — without any need for loud, energy-hungry air conditions that are damaging to the environment. The furniture, windows and doors have generally been purchased locally using untreated wood. Environmental concerns played a major role during the design and construction of these houses; the houses are almost completely recyclable. The many windows ensure plenty of bright, joyous sunshine. Curtains are use to darken the room for sleep.

The large holiday houses are build of stone. The walls contain an adobe filling. As with the bungalows, the plaster is an environmentally friendly limesand mixture that provides a lovely indoor climate. The roof is built around wood from the Ivory Coast. One large holiday house is covered with standard bricks the other with sugarcane straw.

The houses and their locations
Large holiday house made of stone
Straw-roof adobe bungalow

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